2 Steps That Can Slow Water Seepage In Your Basement

If moisture is a problem in your basement, you don't have to continue to live with it. Even if you're limited on what you can spend to solve the problem, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of moisture seeping into the basement area of your home. Here, you'll learn a couple steps to take to buy a little time as you work to save the cash for permanent waterproofing services. [Read More]

3 Useful Steps When Maintaining A Water Well Pump

If you have a water well on your property, one of the most important parts to keep an eye on is the water pump. After all, this is responsible for bringing water from the well into your home. To ensure its continued operation, you need to take these steps.  Check for Drips In a perfect scenario, your water pump will bring water from the well to your home without drips occurring at all. [Read More]

Four Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Entry Door

Installing a new entry door for your home is a great way to improve the aesthetic appearance. On top of this, replacing an older, beat up entry door with a new one makes the home seem more inviting, as well. If you are concerned about the cost of doing this, though, here are four factors you need to look into that will determine the ultimate cost of the door: The Amount of Aesthetic Appeal: The amount of added features you want will up the price of your door simply because it will take more customization to do so. [Read More]

3 Things To Know About Snow & Your Roof

If you live somewhere that gets snow during the winter, it is important to understand how all that snow affects your roof. Snow is heavy and puts a lot of weight on your roof, and it can clog up your gutters, which is why it is important to remove large amounts of snow from your roof. #1 Snow Is Heavy Snow is really heavy and puts a lot of pressure on your roof. [Read More]